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I’m new to this and I don’t really how it works. But that’s kinda how life is I guess… Anyway, I came on here to just let my thoughts out. I don’t even know where to start. I guess I’ll start by saying life’s been really weird for me lately. It’s finally beginning to hit me that I’m growing up and I have all these decisions I have to make. For example, when school starts again in August I have to decide what I want more my dance team membership or my dual enrollment placement. This may seem like a simple choice but it’s not. I worked so hard to get both things and now it’s looking like I can only do one. It’s tearing me apart on the inside because I cant imagine giving up either, not after everything I went through to get them. Dance means everything to me. It gives me a way to express myself without words and be me. Words complicate things and I’m not the best speaker but when I’m dancing it does matter, nothing matters expect me being in that moment dancing. So to give up my team membership is really heartbreaking for me. But, also I worked so hard to get accepted into the dual enrollment program at my school where I get to start college early without having to pay. This is a big thing because I’m not sure how I’m going to get to college. My family doesn’t have the money to send me, so I’ll have to get as must scholarship money as I can to be able to go. When I heard about the dual enrollment program where I can start college for free while still in high school I was excited and worked my butt off to be about to get in. Now I’m in both and don’t know what do… Any thoughts? Comments? Let me know what you think :/