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Ugh!! School is so frustrating! I don’t even know where to start explaining how frustrating it is. I know I may sound like one of those overdramatic teenagers, but I’m not. I’m just a high school student sadden by the things that the school system has decided I needed to go through. What exactly are these things? Two words that bring an uncountable number of tears, and more stress than a 16 year old should be dealing with. Final exams. Next week is my last week of school (Yay!!). Normally you would think ‘Yes only one more week of school!’, which I am but since the school system hates me and all the other high schoolers, I’m not exactly the happiest person right now. Here’s a run down of my schedule for next week. Monday is graduation, which I’m not allowed to attend because it’s at 10 am during the school day. Despite the fact that I’m a sophomore, who has plenty of senior friends, and we aren’t going to be doing much on Monday except cleaning out our lockers and last minute reviews, I’m still not allowed to go. My school has told us that if we attend, our absence will be “unexcused” because we aren’t suppose to be there. Tuesday is the first day of final exams. I have my Fitness training, English, and Chemistry final that day. My Fitness training final is completely physical, which means I’ll be working out the whole time. The problem with that is I’m not allowed to bring a bag to school on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I now have to find a way to bring my workout clothes to school without the use of a book bag or a locker (which we’re not allowed to use after Monday either). Wednesday is the second day of finals exams, on which I have my Dance and AP European History exam. I already took the AP exam for European History so I don’t have to worry about a final for that. Thursday is the last day of final exams and the last day of school. My last two finals are French II and Pre-calculus. My problem with Thursday is that I am only going to those two classes and nothing else. In other words, I’ll be in each class for about 4 hours on Thursday instead of the normal 1 hour. I guess the good thing is after Thursday, I get to go home and relax till my summer classes start. Which is a whole other thing I’ll talk about later. Thoughts? Comments? Questions? Words of wisdoms?