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Today, while studying I got to thinking about when I was younger. I started wondering, what happened to the go old days? By the good old days I mean the time when the end of the school year was a time of celebration not a time to be dreaded. I remember in elementary the last days of school everyone was so happy and excited. My teachers would let us being games to school and we would have an end of the year party to celebrate school being over. Now in high school, how we “celebrate” school being over is by taking multiple long tests on how much you learnt that year. Nowhere near as fun as a class party. Seriously, we aren’t even allowed to have a class party at any point during the year, for any reason whatsoever. It’s like somewhere between elementary school and high school someone decided that class parties were no longer okay and students needed to be punished for growing up. Anyway, c‘est la vie. Tell me your end of the school year memories and how you “celebrate” it now. Thoughts? Comments? Questions?